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Loren's final RhythmWalk location is represented by the orange dot, FJ's by the blue one.

I will be cycling through the end of October, and it is STILL possible to send me mail. PLEASE ADDRESS ANY LETTERS OR PACKAGES TO ONE OF THE FOLLOWING ADDRESSES ACCORDING TO THE DATE SENT:

For mail sent by October 20th, 2004:

     Loren Mach
     c/o Richard Schieber
     23229 Calvert St.
     Woodland Hills, CA 91367-3112

For mail sent by October 25th, 2004 that I will pick up after reaching my goal of the Mexican border:

     Loren Mach
     c/o Garit Imhoff
     315 Hillcrest Drive
     Leucadia, CA 92024

FJ (Sidewinder) reached the Canadian border on September 25th! Congratulations to him on completing his PCT thru-hike and carrying on the spirit of RhythmWalk for Zimbabwe. GO FJ!!! Be sure to check out his updated journal entries and photos.

Hearing from friends was such a welcome surprise! Many thanks to those of you who sent things.

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Loren Mach
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