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Sidewinder's Journal


Well, it looks like this journal is actually going to happen. It will be a bit different than the journal I wrote during my AT thur-hike as it will be online. Then, the journal that I kept was never meant to be read by anyone other than myself. It was more of a diary. While I am not too concerned with sharing my thoughts and feelings with the entire web surfing community, I have a self-imposed urge to try and right witty, coherent and inspiring entries. That is not what I want to achieve though. I want entries that reflect my thoughts and feelings, that describe the different images I see and that convey the experiences I have. Hopefully I can keep them like that.

Once again, my journal would not be possible without the help of many, many people. My family has once again have been more than supportive of me. While they may not always agree with me, they never seem to waiver in their support of me no matter how far-fetched my adventures seem. For that I am truly grateful. They will always have my deepest love for them. I hope they know that.

My friends have also been always been supportive of me in all my adventures. Some of them often kid me about when the next one is since they like to live vicariously through me. And while I don't get to see all of them as often as I would like to, I do enjoy all the moments we do spend together. It is a very good feeling to sit down with a friend and converse as though we had just seen each other yesterday even though it has actually been much longer. Thanks for always opening your lives to me when I breeze through neighborhoods.

Finally, I need to thank Loren and his parents. Their participation on this hike has made logistical planning for this trip much easier. It will also be a big part of making my hike succesful.

Enjoy reading....

NOTE: My complete journal including entries after August 14th can also be found at: www.trailjournals.com/sidewinder.

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