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The success of RhythmWalk for Zimbabwe owes much to my wonderful parents, Ron and Carol Mach. They are pictured here outside their home in Madison, Wisconsin with their brand new truck and fifth wheel. This rig is now known along the trail as the Traveling Hostel, although since my stress fracture, it has more than once been called the Traveling Hospital. Two days after Ron's retirement, they drove out to Colorado, moved me out of my house in Boulder and delivered FJ and myself to the Mexican border where our PCT journey began on April 27th. They are spending the next six months on the road resupplying us with food, providing us with showers and a place to take a zero-day from the trail, driving me into nearby cities for benefit concerts and community outreach (and now hospital visits!)...the list goes on and on. And on. Oh, and somewhere on that long list of things they do is taking vacation time for themselves to explore three beautiful Western states in which they previously have spent very little time. I cannot thank them enough for their huge role in the success of this adventure!

If you want to reach them, please send an email to ron.carol@zimwalk.org. Or call and leave a voice message at 303-480-8878. They are also picking up mail at all the post offices listed on our Itinerary page.

Thanks for visiting this page, and please click on the link below to view their wonderful pictures.


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