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Loren's Journal and Photos

Welcome to the mainpage of my 2004 PCT journal and photos. This is where you can come to read my journal entries and see photos of my journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. And now, too, my new RhythmRIDE journey along the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route. All newer entries since September will be typed and some will even include pictures. Within these entries you will read references to trail names and sometimes see myself referred to as Rhythm.

A trail name is a moniker adopted by a person during a long distance hike. It usually has some story behind it and is often given by another hiker. During my Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 1999, I took on the name Rhythm at about the halfway point. This is one of the reasons my project was called RhythmWalk, and now RhythmRIDE for Zimbabwe.

On my AT thru-hike, I was pretty good about jotting down a journal entry every day. This year I hope to do the same thing - probably not every day though. Even though I am not the best nor most elegant writer there is, everyone is welcome to browse through my journal and read about my adventures and experiences.

If things go extremely well and all the stars are in alignment, you might also be able to see photos I have taken along the trail. I can't promise any award winners here either. Obviously since the photos will take longer to upload, there are no promises as to how often they will get updated. But, hopefully you will enjoy what I do post.

Enjoy the reading and the photos and thanks for stopping by. If you want, send me an email at loren@zimwalk.org. Or call and leave a voice message at 303-480-8878.

Read the Journal | See the Photos

NOTE: There are more photos included within the RhythmRIDE journal
entries from September 9th through October 20th as well.

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